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Sunday July 12th, 2015



Thank goodness we have ended racial hatred. The flag is down. Stowed away out of sight at a museum closet. What a relief finally. Who knew it was so easy?

Well not exactly. The flag is displayed elsewhere and will have to be removed. The state of Mississippi is in deep doo-doo. Its flag has an insert of the hate inspiring battle flag. It will be removed from the US Capital. And there is word that the state will either change its flag or be forced to succeed from the union. (Texas is considering changing its flag to allow it to be forced to succeed too but that is another story).

There is a lot of work to be done to stop hatred. Those Confederate cemeteries pose a worrisome wart. Easy to pull up the flags adorning the graves but headstones could be a challenge and we’ll have to remove war references….might just plow up the ground and plant cotton?

And all those streets across the country that honor Confederate war heroes. That’s easy, just rename them for Martin Luther King. I feel the love already.

We are so friggin stupid. A crap head kid gets a gun (which he should not have been able to purchase) and kills. He posed with the battle flag and so the flag (and the Civil War?) is blamed for the killings. Had he posed with the American Flag the reaction would have been?

Those who take pride in the Confederate Battle Flag are not likely to be chastened. Display of the flag denotes respect for the valor of southern troops who died in defense of their nation. Few if any of those troops owned slaves. They fought for their farms and families and independence. (sound familiar?). They will still fly the flag proudly but now they’ll be thought to be more than southern patriots…they’ll be racists. But I’m guessing they will fly the flag nonetheless.

The Civil War is still referred to as “the war of aggression,” in much of the south and a Yankee is still a Damned Yankee anyplace just south of Washington, D.C.

We could do a really big book burning and get rid of history….but folks would hide some books and read them in secret places and pass the stories on to the next generation.

The flag may be down. It may no longer be sold at Walmart. But she will still fly. Truckers will still adorn their rigs. Southerners with long roots will still take pride. And a black market will rise to serve demand.

But please don’t think we’ve made any inroads toward ending racism in America. Those who hate don’t need a banner. Not in Charleston nor Newtown, Aurora or Boston.


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